If you had access to a pipe, a hammer and some coral – what stories could you tell? Our 8th Tiny Desk Adventurer Jonathan Cybulski is just the person to ask! In this episode, learn about the fascinating world of fossil corals and what the past can tell us about the present. Through Jon’s work we have the privilege of learning about an ecosystem through time, which in this case means coral reefs. Watch this video to see what it takes to do this work, the painstaking process of separation of core samples and what stories they tell.

Once done, stay tuned for our announcement of our live Q&A  with Jon himself and don’t forget to follow him at @jon_sci_bulski on Instagram (where you can learn about his collaboration with @Oceanswellorg too.

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Asha de Vos and Jon Cybulski Live Q&A

Our 8th Tiny Desk Adventurer Jon Cybulski took the scenic route to finding what he wanted to specialize in. His work on corals isn’t the stuff you hear about everyday. Here’s a man who looks at fragments of coral going back thousands of years to help us understand our present and future.

If you missed Jon’s ‘Historical ecology and coral reefs’ video, definitely watch it at the beginning of this post. We also asked Jon a few fun questions so check them out by clicking on the ‘guest Q&A’ tab to learn a little more about what inspired him to do what he does, what his mornings look like and what three traits have helped him along his journey!

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