Operationalizing Social Equity in Marine Conservation

In collaboration with the Speak Up For Blue podcast, Blue Nature Alliance partners and staff discuss the findings of their new peer-reviewed paper, “Advancing Social Equity In and Through Marine Conservation.”

Marine mammals in Sri Lanka and their conservation

Watch Dr Asha de Vos talk to the Young Zoologists Association about marine mammals in Sri Lanka and their conservation..


Oceanswell is Sri Lanka’s first marine conservation research and education organisation. Watch this snippet to learn more!

Ocean Heroes Animation Workshop

This workshop was especially designed to help our younger generation realise their own potential; use their creativity and combine it with their newly acquired scientific knowledge so they believe in the power of their own voices.

Beach nourishment and the Sri Lankan Context: Prof. Charitha Pattiaratchi

Watch Prof. Charitha Pattiaratchi as he very lucidly walks through the scientific concepts. His ability to explain these concepts makes this talk suitable to anyone with even the mildest interest in the topic.

This Earth Day we wanted to do something different.

Rather than talk to other ocean conservationists, Dr. Asha wanted to converse across ecosystems so we brought in Dr. Shivani Bhalla, founder of Ewaso Lions all the way from her tent house in Kenya.

The secret lives of Sri Lanka’s giants

Live with the New England Aquarium and the world, Dr. Asha de Vos takes you on a foray into the deep to learn a thing or two about the giants of our oceans  and shares some of her work with all of you!

Tips for a career in marine biology

Topics including what subjects to study in school, what skills are needed to work in this space, where to look for internships, some thoughts on choosing a university, and transitioning from different degrees or jobs

Women’s day message from Asha de Vos

“Work hard so you are not defined by your #gender or background, but you are defined by your capacity” Asha de Vos


Listen as Dr. Asha de Vos talks about the current marine conservation climate and the need for changing it to change the trajectory of marine conservation.

National Geographic Explorer’s Festival: Living with Wildlife

How can we successfully coexist & build peace between people & animals? Listen as Asha talks about how we need to reconsider how we interact with species, particularly whales.


What makes an explorer? Who are these explorers? Find out right here!

Planet or plastic? Take the pledge now!

National Geographic PSA urging people to take the #PlanetOrPlastic pledge.

BBC World Service The Conversation: Ocean champions

Largest mass stranding of pilot whales in Sri Lanka leads to successful return to sea

Sky News ClimateCast: Are we playing jenga with our planet?

TED Radio Hour: An SOS from the ocean

Ocean Matters: Fisheries – What needs to change?

PADI Dive Stories: Dr. Asha de Vos – Advocating for Whales and our Ocean Planet