Photo credits: Tony Wu

What We Do

Here’s what we are doing to save 70 % of our planet

Our Services

  • Thinking BIG to solve challenges

We like to push boundaries and think outside the box and we encourage others to do the same. We work with innovative thinkers to provide opportunities that can encourage entrepreneurs to engage in solving global ocean problems creatively. Keep following us to learn more click here.

  • Mentoring to mobilize

Sri Lanka maybe a beautiful tropical island but marine biology is a largely unorthodox career choice. Our founder Asha followed her passion but did not have the privilege of a peer group or mentors. She feels strongly about changing this and provides mentoring opportunities to students dreaming of exploring or entering this field. If you would like to connect please click here.

  • Conservation research

We undertake research that addresses urgent conservation needs. Through our decade-long Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project we have unravelled mysteries of an unknown population while also working towards their conservation. To learn more about these and other efforts check out our publications. click here.

  • Storytelling to save the oceans

We believe in the power of sharing stories to create a more ocean conscious public and to empower people to become part of the solution, and not just part of the problem. Our founder Asha travels across the globe to ensure that the oceans of the global south have a voice on the global stage, and to increase awareness of the magic of what lies beneath. Asha also loves sharing her stories within Sri Lanka. If you would like to invite her to speak at your event or your school, please connect here.

  • Educating to empower

We believe in the power of education to change the current trajectory of our oceans. We are currently working to create opportunities for the many talented students who yearn for an education in this field but lack the opportunity and access. We are driven by the thought that the solution to all our greatest ocean problems could be locked in the mind of a person from the global south. If you would like to learn more and contribute to this endeavour please connect here.