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Our first ocean heroes animation workshop was incredible! We had the most amazing time with some of the most incredible kids! We are putting the finishing touches on the project as we speak, but can’t wait to… https://www.instagram.com/p/B8rBT0PhQep/?igshid=1hbwdk0cdy7yi


A salute to all those brave environmentalists & officials who keep fighting the difficult battle for protecting our nature and earth from unregulated and unsustainable development #Oxygen #SriLanka @EFL_1981 @wnpssl @OceanswellOrg @IUCN @WWF @Greenpeace @nature_org https://twitter.com/cartoonlka/status/1227790403308597248

A big shoutout to Sri Lanka's pride @ashadevos Marine biologist & founder of @OceanswellOrg on this day! May

Asha de Vos (@LincolnAlumni, 2003) is a marine biologist, pioneer of blue whale research and founder of @OceanswellOrg

She spoke to us about spreading the importance of marine conservation and whale poop! 🐳 💩 http://bit.ly/QUADAshadeVos #WomenInScience