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Want to know more about how we track the movement of plastics? Check out our new blog “Tracking plastics: In conversation with Dr. Mirjam van der Mheen” where @HafsaJamel talks to Dr Mirjam, a postdoctoral researcher @uwaoceans


Explore the deep sea with us at our upcoming 31st Marine Conservation Conversation! Join us on the 23rd of September from 6-7pm IST to learn about a creature that provides an excellent source of carbon for deep sea dwellers. 

🔗 https://bit.ly/3Cn6640

At our 16th Ocean Hero Huddle, we discussed aquaculture techniques, their issues, and some innovative alternatives that could potentially help the oceans, the climate, and us! Based on the @TED_ED video, ‘Underwater farms vs climate change’ by @ayanaeliza and Megan Davis.

Calling all our ocean heroes for our 16th Ocean Hero Huddle happening on the 15th of September from 5-5.30pm IST! At this session, we will discuss an emerging method of farming our seafood and its sustainability.  

🔗 https://bit.ly/3E2Uchn

🐋 Blog post alert! 🐋

Our team member Isha (@isha_just_isha) explores - what makes the baleen whales of the northern Indian Ocean different, and how the bathymetry of the NIO has helped them live their best lives! Dive in and find out more at https://www.oceanswell.org/ocean-chronicles