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Gender included from the ‘get go’ in global small-scale fisheries study https://fish.cgiar.org/news-and-updates/news/gender-included-%E2%80%98get-go%E2%80%99-global-small-scale-fisheries-study#.Xwi-_utv5vw.twitter

@ashadevos @sciam @OceanswellOrg Thank you for sharing this! I am studying to be an environmental educator in the US and this week we are discussing the impacts of community based conservation and citizen science. I applaud you!

Meet the fabulous team @OceanswellOrg! https://twitter.com/ashadevos/status/1280877164460683264

Gladiators of the Sea! This week's #TinyDeskAdventures from @ashadevos @OceanswellOrg features @billfishExpert Dr. Nelly Kadagi, @NEAq MCAF Fellow and Director of Education for Nature Program and Conservation Leadership Initiatives at @WWF

"If we truly want to save our oceans, never forget: every coastline needs a local hero." A must read piece by #WCNExpo speaker and founder of @OceanswellOrg, @AshadeVos, on diversity and inclusion in #marineconservation. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-problem-of-colonial-science/