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Looking forward to this panel on building resilience and finding solutions for people who rely on the #IndianOcean @BIOTscience @OceanswellOrg @ZSLMarine https://twitter.com/HeatherKoldewey/status/1268590863438970880

📍 volunteer in organizations that advocate for animal welfare (@EmbarkLK, @OceanswellOrg, @wnpssl, etc.)

📍Funding remains a major barrier in implementing conservation efforts. A list of organizations that welcome donations inc.

📍use less plastic

📍plant 🌳s

An inspiring lineup FRIDAY 9:50 a.m. US ET on the leadership role of women helping humanity shape a thriving future after this terrible moment. #buildingbackbetter @OceanswellOrg @earthinstitute @DrKateMarvel.. https://twitter.com/hadiasheerazi/status/1268640099635531777

Report compiled by @OceanswellOrg on the recent Beach nourishment in Mount Lavinia.


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The ocean is a common space .... Dr Asha De Vos https://twitter.com/OceanswellOrg/status/1096791299045249024