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Ocean Hero Reels - Episode 3: Arribada by Anya Fernando

What’s an arribada? Is it a type of dance? Is it something that we eat? Find out in this story about two turtle friends, Olli and Kempy, created by Anya Fernando!

Full video: http://bit.ly/3AfMUFJ

The eruption in Tonga has everyone baffled. Volcanologist @janinekrippner from the Global Volcanism Program, mentioned to @ashadevos that it was an unexpectedly large explosion - one they weren’t prepared for, and can’t get their heads around.

For more: https://www.instagram.com/p/CY5tfQ0hRwP/?utm_medium=copy_link

Our first Ocean Hero Huddle for the year will be on the 19th of January 2022 from 5-5.45pm IST and will focus on how a group of ancient islanders navigated the oceans. To sign up, head to https://bit.ly/34yHREo!

All ocean heroes below 15 years welcome!

Ocean Hero Reels - Episode 2: Finding a new home by Abdullah Haniffa

Hermit crabs are creatures that exhibit some very quirky behaviours! Do you know what they are? Check out this video created by Abdullah Haniffa, to find out!

Full video: https://bit.ly/3fhzejR

WHO IS WHALENTINE?! It’s the oldest known blue whale in the entire Northern Indian Ocean!! First photographed in 1984, Whalentine was re-sighted 27 YEARS later in 2011. Learn more by checking out this publication by @ashadevos: https://bit.ly/2LAtIgC


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