Meet the Team 3

Dr. Asha de Vos
Founder and Executive Director

I am a marine biologist, ocean educator, aquanaut and deep-sea explorer, researcher, author, jewellery designer, public speaker, advocate for social justice and equity in marine conservation, and triathlete. My love for the ocean stems from a place of awe and deep respect for all it provides, the secrets it holds and everything it patiently teaches us all. 

Meet the Team 4

Udayanga Sampath
PhD student

I am pursuing my PhD in Cetacean Acoustics with a fully funded scholarship from Oceanswell, Sri Lanka. From tiny plankton to giant whales, the ocean’s ecosystems showcase the beauty and complexity of life.

Meet the Team 5

Tharusha Netthipola
Research Assistant

At Oceanswell, I combine spatial science and marine biology, using GIS to analyze 11 years of whale surveys and investigate drivers behind species composition changes, contributing to marine ecosystem understanding and conservation.


I love the ocean for its magnificent creation, as it allows me to explore and study the fascinating living creatures beneath its surface, enriching my life through my research assistantship.

Meet the Team 6

Lasuni Gule Godage
MPhil student

I am an MPhil student at Ocean University researching the Human Dimensions of Illegal fishing in collaboration with Oceanswell and under Dr Asha de Vos as one of my supervisors. My research is a collaboration between Oceanswell, Zoological Society of London and NOVA University of Lisbon.


I am fascinated by the incredible diversity of the marine life in the ocean. There’s so much beauty and wonder beneath the waters that we should manage carefully.

Meet the Team 7

Lara Wijesuriya
Research Assistant

At Oceanswell, my role is to research the current status of illegal ‘swimming with whales’ tourism operations in Sri Lanka.


What I love about the ocean is how it’s never the same and never boring, and the endless possibilities it holds. 

Meet the Team 8

Sagari Siyambalagoda
Research Assistant

I am doing research work related to The Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project; which is the longest-running project on blue whales in the Northern Indian Ocean and the flagship project of Oceanswell. Besides that, I support other marine conservation projects, education efforts and scientific publications of Oceanswell.


I have always been enamoured by the diversity and beauty of the world’s oceans and their inhabitants. My passion for trying to unravel the mysteries of the ocean grew as I studied oceanography and participated in multiple marine conservation research projects.