Ocean Hero Huddle 1

Ocean Hero Huddle is a monthly initiative modelled after our incredibly successful monthly Marine Conservation Conversations BUT these sessions are especially for our younger audience of ages 15 and below!

Ocean Hero Huddle is designed to inspire discussion around a select ocean-related topic. Once our little heroes register, we send out a link so they can join the online discussion based around a carefully selected video that forms the foundation of our half-hour discussion. During this session, the kids are free to delve deeper (no pun intended), learn more or share their own research and learnings. As you can imagine, it can sometimes get chaotic but we wouldn’t have it any other way! The energy these kids bring to the room is exactly what we need if we want to leave this planet a better place than we found it!

To find out how to join, keep your eyes on our social media or events page right here!

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