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Oceanswell’s Marine Conservation Conversation, or MCC for short, was initiated back in September 2017. MCC is a monthly, informal gathering of individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss marine-related topics. The sessions are centered around a scientific paper chosen by the Oceanswell team. Essentially, we see this as a science journal club for anyone! 

Marine Conservation Conversation (MCC) 2

Over the past years, we have discussed a range of topics from sardine migration to marine slavery and even stilt-fishing, which have inspired insightful discussions.The intention of the hour long session is to bring like-minded people who are eager to learn more about our oceans together, make science accessible, and to breakdown the reading together as a community. This means we discuss new words that people have learnt and everyone is free to  share their thoughts and experiences on the issue that is the focus of the session.These sessions are a part of our commitment to engaging everyone in the magic of our world’s oceans!

Marine Conservation Conversation (MCC) 3
Marine Conservation Conversation (MCC) 4


While our pre-COVID  MCCs took place in a physical space (with lots of chocolate cake involved!), the current restrictions have seen us shift to a virtual space which has also allowed us to bring in participants from across the world. To join, follow our events page or follow us on social media – we can’t wait to see you there!

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