When you think about the gladiators of the ocean, what species do you think about? Do you imagine heroic combats for freedom? Ok, perhaps you need to reel in (no pun intended) your imagination a tad and watch this video with Kenyan marine biologist Dr. Isigi Kadagi, our 9th Tiny Desk Adventurer!

Learn about one of the most charistmatic groups of fish in our oceans and what it takes to protect them within the Indian Ocean. Learn some cool facts about these fish and casually drop them at you next dinner party – we guarantee your friends will be super impressed!

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Asha de Vos and Isigi Kadagi Live Q&A

Our 9th Tiny Desk Adventurer hails from the mountains of Kenya. She didn’t see the ocean until adulthood but then fell immediately in love and decided to commit her life to look after it. If that’s not a love story, then what is?

If you missed Nelly’s ‘Studying the gladiators of the sea: The Indian Ocean billfish” video, definitely watch it on our website. We also asked Nelly a few fun questions so check them out by clicking on the ‘guest Q&A’ tab to learn a little more about what inspired her to do what she does, what her mornings look like and what three traits have helped along her journey!

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