Meet Dr. Matt Leslie, our 7th Tiny Desk Adventurer who uses science to seek introductions – as he puts it, he uses science to ask the natural world questions and listens for the answers. In this episode, Matt introduces us to what that can mean and what tools can be used, but then delves right into his work using drones to measure blue whales (relevant to what we do at Oceanswell) in Chile and identify how different they are to other blue whale populations – stay tuned for the answer to that!

This video is a fantastic walkthrough and reminder of how science can be important to conserving our planet but also how we need answers to fundamental questions if we are to proceed. Stay tuned for the announcement about our Instagram live Q&A with Matt this week.

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Asha de Vos and Matt Leslie Live Q&A

Drones, fossil whales and backward dolphin dorsal fins. What do they all have in common? Our 7th Tiny Desk Adventurer Dr. Matt Leslie of course!! Matt lives a curious life where he is interested in evolution, taxonomy and efficient design and through this chat you will learn how he brings this all together to enhance our understanding of marine mammals.

 We also asked Matt a few fun questions so check them out by clicking on the ‘guest Q&A’ tab to learn a little more about what inspired him to do what he does, what his mornings look like and what three traits have helped him along his journey!

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