Our 5th Tiny Desk Adventurer, Dr. Diva Amon is a Deep Sea Scientist (there’s not a lot of those around!). You might be surprised to learn that the deep ocean is our largest ecosystem, but we know so little about it. Diva’s work is helping us gain a better understanding of what lives in our world’s deep oceans and how humans are impacting it.

This video is a submersible ride to the deep, without the discomfort of not being able to move for hours or even use the bathroom. Learn about the many species that live down in the darkest depths and why protecting the deep sea is not an option, but a necessity. If you have any questions, do join us for our Instagram live Q&A with Diva on the 4th of June at 7:30 pm (Sri Lanka time). You can also follow Diva on Instagram, @diva_amon, for a plethora of fun deep sea facts!

Don’t forget to download the guest Q&A to get a little more insight into who Diva is and what makes her tick!

Download Guest Q & A

Asha de Vos and Diva Amon Live Q&A

Did you know that scientists have found plastic 6 km deep in the ocean? Well, now you do. Meet the Diva, scientist who led this study, whose passion is for protecting these deep spaces that most of us will never ever venture into in our lifetimes. Hear her talk about her experiences in the field, why she does what she does, and about her work on the front lines with respect to deep-sea mining.

We also asked Diva a few fun questions so check them out by clicking on the ‘guest Q&A’ tab to learn a little more about how she sets herself up for the day, what character traits allow her to do what she does, and so much more!

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