In 3 minutes and 40-second Tiny Desk Adventure, Dr. Vanessa Bezy will welcome you to the wonderful world of sea turtle arribadas! What is an arribada? Well, watch the video to find out, and witness what might well be one of the greatest gatherings of sea turtles on earth! Make sure you watch right to the end and we guarantee you will watch it at least two more times!

Settle into this video and store up your questions for our live Q & A with this amazing Tiny Desk Adventurer on Friday the 22nd of May at 8pm. You can also learn more about Vanessa’s work @NosaraWildlifeConservation on Instagram. 

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Download Guest Q & A

On this live Q&A with Vanessa we celebrate the good news coming out of Costa Rica on global biodiversity day related to sea turtle conservation (which involves the population Vanessa works with), learn a lot of interesting facts about sea turtles and try to get our heads around what exactly it would be like to have NO place on the beach to rest because it is FULL of sea turtles. She also talks about her journey to becoming a sea turtle biologist in Costa Rica and why she does what she does. 

If you missed Vanessa’s extraordinary video on sea turtle arribadas and the greatest gathering of sea turtles on earth (can you count the specks in the photo?) We also asked Vanessa a few fun questions so check them out by clicking on the ‘guest Q&A’ tab to learn a little more about what her favourite species is and how she kickstarts her day!

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