When you think about the diversity of our oceans, where does your mind go? A reef in the tropics with colourful fish and corals? But what about polar waters? Ever stopped to think about what it might be like down there? Take this Tiny Desk Adventure with polar diver, marine educator and underwater videographer Shaylyn Potter, and let her show you just how magical the coldest parts of our oceans can be!

Watch this excitedly and store up your questions for our live Q & A with this amazing Tiny Desk Adventurer on the 18th of May 2020. You can also follow Shaylyn (and ogle her photos) @save.our.plankton on Instagram.  

Want to get to know Shaylyn even better? Find out what her morning routine looks like and what makes her tick by clicking below!

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Asha de Vos and Shaylyn Potter Live Q&A

The vast majority of us don’t dive in polar waters and will never get to experience Antarctica from the topside let alone the underside. Shaylyn Potter, on the other hand, has had the good privilege of visiting and revisiting this space over the last few years.

Through this chat, Shaylyn opens our eyes to what it is truly like to dive in Antarctica, why she enjoys diving there vs. around the Arctic, how she started her career in polar diving and underwater videography (peppered with a lot of inspirational advice) and so much more! Definitely watch this and enjoy the questions, thoughts and inspiration. 

We also asked Shaylyn a few fun questions so check them out by clicking on the ‘guest Q&A’ tab to learn a little more about what it takes to do what she does and what her favourite species is (hint: it’s a species that we mention in our Ocean Creature Feature about nudibranchs so go watch that too https://oceanswell.org/ocean-creature-feature).


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