In our first Tiny Desk Adventure, Gabrielle introduces us to the weird yet wonderful world of tiny things in the ocean – plankton. We peer into their world for a hot second to learn about their diversity and importance as we watch them dance in front of our eyes.

Gabrielle’s passion for plankton is second to none and we are lucky that she offered to take us on this Tiny Desk Adventure. Do join us and store up your questions for our live Q&A on the 11th of May with Gabrielle herself! You can also find her at @marchoftheplankton on Instagram. 

Click below to learn more about our guest including their morning routine, why they do what they do, and what their favourite species is!

Download Guest Q & A

Asha de Vos and Gabrielle Corradino Live Q&A

In our first Tiny Desk Adventure Live Q&A Asha and Gabrielle take a deep dive into the secret lives of plankton! 

During this session, they talk about bioluminescence (and how to find it!), what a red tide is and what it does to fish that might feast on it, how we are all a bit like plankton, how Gabrielle’s love for plankton began and just how beautiful plankton are!! PS did you know that Mola mola or the Ocean sunfish maybe (it’s debated) the largest plankton species in our oceans!! (If you don’t know what a Mola mola is please do scroll through or click here and look for our Ocean Creature Feature on this incredible, dinner plate-shaped bony fish!). Thanks to everyone who watched the ‘live’ and also those who sent in questions!

If you missed Gabrielle’s wonderful video on the diversity of plankton (amazing imagery thrown in for free folks!) do check out the first video in this playlist or head to the entire series that’s hosted on our website  We also asked Gabrielle a few fun questions so check them out to learn a little more about what it takes to do what she does and what her favourite species is (it’s not plankton but it would not be alive without plankton!)


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