We are so proud to have been honoured as a Goodwill Champion along with our Executive Director Dr. Asha de Vos, by HCL Technologies at the recently concluded World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos.

Oceanswell & Dr. Asha de Vos honoured as a Goodwill Champion by HCL Technologies 1

Each award recipient was evaluated through the lens of HCL’s values and chosen based on the positive influence and unique transformation made in their communities over the past year. In addition, the recipients were commended for bringing a level of entrepreneurship to their endeavors. The other 8 honourees came for varied fields but included our friends in Peru, Planeta Oceano. Head to the ‘press’ tab on our website to read the announcement!

We are grateful for the recognition of our efforts and happy to show the world that you can live in your own country – even if it’s a small island in the Global South – yet have ripple effects across the world!

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