Meet our FS8 2020 team! Dr. Asha de Vos, Suada Azmy, Hafsa Jamel, Molly Tucker, and Isuru Wijesundara. Today was day 2 and everyone is still smiling which is always a good thing. Not only are they here to support the research but they are also here to learn – everything they need to. It’s a good thing Asha sees every moment as an opportunity to share share share. Check out their amazing classroom on the ocean from this afternoon where they learnt about suction cup tags, whales who love blue boats, and bananas 🙂 Oh and they also did an Instagram live session where Asha asked each of them to name one thing they found most surprising so far.

Meet our FS8 2020 team! 1


Here’s what they said (in brief);

Hafsa:  The rapidity with which the weather changes;
Isuru:  How difficult this work is in reality (maybe the most difficult thing he has done in his life);
Suada:  How much people underestimate the hard work that goes into this kind of research;
Molly:  That the water is so blue and that she saw a Bryde’s whale on her first day!

Stay tuned for all our updates on our posts and stories and those sneaky Live from the field updates we love to do! @ Mirissa, Sri Lanka

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