Oceanswell is looking to fill this position within the organization. It requires English language proficiency AND Sinhala or Tamil.

To apply, email [email protected] with the following:

  1. Cover letter (maximum 300 words) outlining why you are suited for this job and a short description of your previous related experience(s)
  2. CV (maximum 2 pages)
  3. Two job-specific letters of recommendation that outline your suitability for the job
  4. Please mention your last name and the job you are applying for in the subject of your email. E.g. deSilva_OperationsOfficer

Application deadline is the 24thof January 2019, short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview the following week. Anticipated start date is early February.


The Organization:


Oceanswell is Sri Lanka’s first marine conservation research and education non-profit. Oceanswell conducts much-needed marine conservation research around Sri Lanka, provides opportunities for students to experience marine research first-hand, educates future ocean heroes with knowledge about the oceans using traditional and social media and encourages and provides opportunities for ocean engagement.

Oceanswell is currently seeking to include an Operations Officer in its dynamic team, who will oversee all of Oceanswell’s operations and coordination work.



  • The duration of this position will be two years with possibilities of renewal based on performance and commitment to the organizational growth.



This position shall report directly to the Executive Director of Oceanswell.


A) Organizational Communications, PR & Promotional Activities:

  1. Handle and sort various inquiries and requests
  2. Handle / Manage general communications
  3. Develop and manage all supporter related communications, newsletters, posts etc.
  4. Website management, content creation, uploading and maintenance
  5. General screening and handling of organizational and founder unaligned inquiries
  6. Plan and organize all Oceanswell events and activities
  7. Identify, discuss and design all communication material including a social media strategy for the organization
  8. Source and develop all social media content, including coordination with relevant volunteers and experts on deliverables
  9. Coordinate with relevant partners on media related activities, press packs and gift items
  10. Maintain incoming correspondence register and delivery book
  11. Conduct regular intellectual property scans


B) Operations and Logistics:

  1. Handle all office general logistic arrangements
  2. Handle all field work and course related initial logistic arrangements
  3. Handle general and programme procurement
  4. Coordinate partnership promotional procurement activities
  5. Develop and maintain all office management systems such as Asana, mailchimp, etc. including identifying gaps and creating new systems, processes, manuals and guidelines
  6. General office management
  7. Identifying and handling all suppliers and service providers
  8. Inventory management, both admin and programmes
  9. Setup and manage all filing systems
  10. Handover payments / confirmation letters, purchase orders etc. to various suppliers and service providers, collect necessary supplies and receipts


C) External Services and Partner Management:

  1. Coordination and follow-up with all external management partners, i.e. company secretary,accountant, lawyers, etc.
  2. Identify and manage all services providers for optimal resource utilization
  3. Attend and document all general or specified external meetings
  4. Coordinate all internal and external meetings for the organization and founder as required.


D) Human Resources Management:

  1. Intern management reporting and supervision
  2. Manage and handle all recruitment processes, vetting and follow-up and coordination
  3. Create systems for all HR related documentation, follow-up and guidelines.
  4. Coordinate necessary information to external management teams as required.
  5. Maintaining team leave and update monthly


E) Accounts and Banking:

  1. Handle both office and programme petty cash floats
  2. Prepare and maintain day to day Petty Cash, Cheque & Vouchers
  3. Post daily transactions in Quick-books and update bank balances
  4. Handling and coordination of all banking related matters
  5. Maintain and update general book keeping and related accounting processes.
  6. Handle, coordinate, gather and follow-up all budget related information
  7. Assist, coordinate and follow-up on information in preparation to carry out the Annual Audit as required including, preparation of required files.
  8. Prepare monthly financial statements and bank reconciliations of the admin budget
  9. Work closely with the ED to ensure smooth operation of all finance matters
  10. Attend to banking requirements as needed including deposits and withdrawals


F) Programme Support:

  1. Follow-up with programme and other collaborators, consultants and other partners
  2. Coordination and follow-up of all contracts, MOUs, agreements, NDAs, etc.
  3. Coordination and follow-up of all permits and necessary approvals for programme work
  4. Coordinate, follow-up and collate all donor reporting requirements / information for on time submission. Proactively maintain and update the reporting schedule in coordination with the
    founder and other relevant members of the team.


G) Representing Oceanswell:

  1. Be conscious about contributing to Oceanswell’s public presence to enhance credibility and visibility through specified representation of Oceanswell events and promoting Oceanswell when appropriate
  2. Follow the Oceanswell Code of Conduct, as well as all other implemented HR policies at all times
  3. Inform the ED when getting late or unable to attend work
  4. Attend and actively contribute to staff meetings when requested



Thank you,

The Oceanswell Team.