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Low-Cost, Deep-Sea Imaging and Analysis Tools for Deep-Sea Exploration

Bell, K. L., Chow, J. S., Hope, A., Quinzin, M. C., Cantner, K. A., Amon, D. J., Cramp, J. E., Rotjan, R. D., Kamalu, L., de Vos, A., Talma, S., Buglass, S., Wade, V., Filander, Z., Noyes, K., Lynch, M., Knight, A., Lourenço, N., Girguis, P. R., de Sousa, J.B., Blake, C., Kennedy, B.R.C., Noyes, T.J., McClain, C. R. (2022). Low-cost, deep-sea imaging and analysis tools for deep-sea exploration: A collaborative design study. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9.