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Striped dolphins can often be spotted in Sri Lankan waters. But how do we distinguish this species from other dolphins? Find out by checking out today’s #MarineMegafaunaMonday and share so more people can know!

Throwback to one of our blog posts from last year! Vinuri Silva, a PhD student at the University of Adelaide, wrote about her journey to becoming a marine plastic pollution researcher and about the microbes that are found on marine plastics.

🔗 http://ow.ly/bIRT50KauiE

These huge, black turtles stand out amongst all the other species of turtles in the world. What are some of the things that make them different from the rest? Find out in today’s #MarineMegafaunaMonday!

Blue swimmer crabs live in sandy, muddy, algal and seagrass habitats in estuaries, bays and offshore waters up to 50m deep. They are also the target of many fisheries in Sri Lanka due to their high value in export markets. Check out today’s #MarineMegafaunaMonday for more!

In our latest publication, we collate all records of humpbacks in the northern central Indian Ocean - from Sri Lanka, Maldives, the Chagos archipelago and India - in an effort to understand their seasonality and current population numbers. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3IZ15mY.

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