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Remember our beach variabilty project? It was designed in response to a failed beach nourishment project back in 2020. (1/6)

You may already know quite a lot about blue whales, one of the most majestic species on Earth, so we searched far and wide and compiled a list of facts that we think not everyone might know. Check out https://www.oceanswell.org to learn more about our work with blue whales!

Can you tell the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise? If you can’t, no worries, we’ve got you covered! Dolphins and porpoises are sometimes mistaken for each other. They are both cetaceans but belong to different cetacean families.


Hammerhead sharks are distinguishable among other species of sharks due to their uniquely-shaped head, called the cephalofoil. These fish (sharks are a species of a fish!) have special sensors in their head that helps them scan for food. #MarineMegafaunaMonday

Green moray eels look like something out of a myth. These green coloured eels stand out amongst the less vibrant colourings of other eels and snakes but did you know that their skin is actually not green? #MarineMegafaunaMonday