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Despite high swells and wind, the fourth day of our mono-BRUV sampling was nothing but a success as the MV Sierra had so much to offer our camera system. Stay tuned for continuous updates!

@ashadevos @IDEAWILD @NEAQ @JacquomoMonk


The deep sea is home to many curious creatures. One of them, the giant isopod, a type of crustacean, is found in most oceans in the world. Like all crustaceans, they have a hard exterior called an exoskeleton. Learn more by checking out today's #MarineMegafaunaMonday!

Whale sharks are known to inhabit tropical and temperate waters around the world and are often spotted in Sri Lankan waters. Find out more about this species of shark in today’s #marinemegafaunamonday, including what makes each whale shark unique.

Giant squid are found in the deep sea and are a great example of deep-sea gigantism where they have adapted to the conditions (oxygen levels and temperature) at these depths by having larger bodies than their relatives living closer to the surface. Check out the slide for more!

Want to share your love for the oceans this World Oceans Day? Write a letter, post it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #LettersToOurOceans and tag us @OceanswellOrg and @letterstoouroceans (on Instagram).

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