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Collaborators, Donors and Partners

We acknowledge the generous support of its collaborators, donors and partners


  • Prof. Don Croll & Dr. Bernie Tershy: The University of California Santa Cruz
  • Dr. Jeremy Go: Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Lab
  • Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen: Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Lab
  • Prof. Robert Harcourt: Macquarie University
  • Dr. Amanda Kaltenberg: Savannah State University
  • Dr. Simon Jarman, Cassy Faux: The Australian Antarctic Division
  • Tony Wu: Underwater photographer
  • Prof. Chari Pattiaratchi, Dr. Sarath Wijeratne & Dr. Ed Cripps: University of Western Australia
  • Dr. Ari Friedlaender: Oregon State University
  • Dr. Doug Nowacek: Duke University
  • Dr. Deishini Herat: The National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) Sri Lanka
  • The Environment Society of Oman
  • Dr. Robert Brownell Jr., Dr. Lisa Ballance, Dr. Jessica Redfern, Dr. Thomas Moore & Dr. Paul Fiedler: Southwest Fisheries Science Centre, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (SWFSC NOAA)

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